The following information is reprinted and translated from  "Ds Vreneli ab em Guggisbärg", Wechselausstellung 1995/96, a
publication of
the Heimatmuseum Der Region Schwarzwasser.

Die alte Guggisberger Tracht in Bildern von Joseph Reinhardt  
Joseph Reinhardt  
geb. in Horw 1749  
gest. in Luzern 1824  
Maler, Porträtist, Trachtenmaler  
Eine der frühesten Darstellungen von Guggisberger Trachten ist in seinem Zyklus von Schweizer Trachtenbildern
enhalten, den er im Auftrag des Aarauer Seidenfabrikanten Johann Rudolf Mayer malte.  Er porträtierte darin auf 125
Bildtafeln 280 Personen, Zeitgenossen mit Namen, Herkunft und Beruf, in ihren Festtagstrachten.  Darunter sind auf 3
Bildtafeln 7 Personen aus Guggisberg dargestellt, gemalt 1791.  Es sind dies:  
-Peter Hürst in Guggisberg und Jgfr. Anna Kilcher. Eine Hochzeit.
-Jgfr. Barb.Pauli, Jgfr. Barb. Binggeli und Jgfr. Anna Zbinden in Guggisberg.  
-Hans Mast in Guggisberg und Elisabeth Zbinden.

Das monumentale Trachtenwerk ist im Bernischen Historischen Museum ausgestellt. (Aufnahmen:  Stefan

The old Guggisberger tracht in pictures of Joseph Reinhardt
Joseph Reinhardt
Born in Horw 1749
Died  in Luzern 1824
Painter, Portraitist, Costumepainter
One of the earliest representations of Guggisberger costume is in a series of  Swiss Costume Potraits , which he painted
on behalf of the Aarauer silk manufacturer Johann Rudolf Mayer.  He painted therein on 125 posters 280 persons,
contemporaries with names, origin and occupation, in their Festive Costumes.  Among them, in 1791, he painted 7 persons
from Guggisberg with explanations, on 3 posters.  There is this:  
-Peter Huerst in Guggisberg and Jgfr. Anna Kilcher.  A wedding.  
-Jgfr. Barb.Pauli, Jgfr. Barb.  Binggeli and Jgfr. Anna Zbinden in Guggisberg.  
-Hans mast in Guggisberg and Elizabeth Zbinden.

This monumental Costume Painting is housed in the Berni historical museum.  (photographs:  Stefan Rebsamen,
Portrait of Hans Mast and Elizabeth Zbinden of Guggisberg.
I had the pleasure of purchasing this old water color which dates to 1791 by Joseph Reinhardt.  On the back of the portrait
the artist wrote the following:  (note: I totally disagree with the artists opinion of the people of Guggisberg.  They are the
warmest and friendliest people I have met in my many travels.-JEK)
Canton of Bern     John Mast and Elizabeth Zbinden
of Guggisberg.                                                                          
The Inhabitants of Guggisberg form undoubtidly the most     
singular People and the most rude of all the Swiss both Men and
Women.  The part which these people inhabit join the Canton of
Fribourg.  The climate is as rough as the Inhabitants.   The
peasant John (Hans) Mast represented in this painting is a Character
well know amongst his countrymen - harsh and savage looking
countenance - hair thick and grey - no cravat  round hat - waistcoat
of woollen cloth greyish red color with black buttons  breeches greyish
violet - Stockings white  The stick and pipe are alike the costume
peculiar to the Inhabitants of Guggisberg.  The women of this
Mountainous Country have a fresh complexion flaxen hair crowned with a very
little cap of velvet or some kind of stuff - a large collar covers the
neck in the same manner as the other women of the Canton of Bern.
Some Hooks or Frogs join it together in the front and upon the dress is marked
in red letters the name and baptism of the child and the name of her
family - the bodice silk - the petticoat stiff and very short.  They
regard it as a beauty in this district to have large calves to their legs
which in case they have not  they endeavor to remedy the misfortune
by little cushions of cloth.  -