Canton                Gemeinde            Gemeinde          Gemeinde
Bern                      Bowil                    Eggiwil            Guggisberg
The Swiss recognize the village of Bowil in the Grosshochstetten Region of the Emmental
area of Canton Bern, Switzerland as the Heimat of our branch of the Kammermanns.  Here
among these hills and valleys is where our family originated, perhaps in the 13th or 14th
century.  The family name is still very common as many have stayed and others have left for
other countries.

Eggiwil, the small farm village where Jakob Kammermann was born, is in the middle of the
Emmental Region with approximately 2,700 inhabitants.  Located on the Emme River it is a
beautiful village which I had the opportunity of visiting during their annual horse show and

Jakob somehow made his way to
Guggisberg,  where he married Christina Hostettler.
They lived at Holzersflüh, the Hostettler farm, just down the hill from the Church.
Guggisberg is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland and a place that I never tire
of visiting.